The Jamie Coville Experience – Heroes Convention 2023 – John Romita Sr Tribute Panel

John Romita Sr Tribute Panel
This was originally going to be a Spider-Man panel with Howard Mackie and John Romita Jr. As Romita Sr. died mere days before the show, understandably, Jr cancelled his appearance. Heroes Convention converted this time slot to a last-minute Tribute panel to John Romita Sr. On the panel was Rick Leonardi, Chris Claremont, Joe (nephew of John Romita Sr.), Bill Morrison, Ron Wilson, Suzan Loeb, and Aaron Sulton. Bill Morrison spoke about how he gave (according to Romita Sr.) his proudest moment and how that was HIS proudest moment. Rick Leonardi spoke about the advice Romita gave him when breaking into the comics business, Suzan revealed what it was like working with John, his bullpen nickname and the advise he gave her when she got married, Claremont discussed how John was the Ying to Kirby’s Yang, doing down to earth non-flashy storytelling, Claremont also spoke of how John was extremely dependable, always willing to help out on anything you asked of him and the anchor to Marvel, Ron Wilson spoke about his attempts to work at Marvel and how John gave him a chance and changed his life, Aaron talked about going from a fan of John’s to a collector of his art to his art dealer and personal friend. He revealed what John’s favorite movies were and the little comic history anecdotes that he would tell him. Joe talked about John’s wife Virginia. The group also talked about their favorite work of John’s, how it had a magical spark, and his humility. The panel was moderated by Jason Wheatley.
Note: Forgot to take a picture.

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