The Jamie Coville Experience – Heroes Convention 2023 – Back Issue Magazine 20th Anniversary

Back Issue Magazine 20th Anniversary
Panelists were designer Rich Fowlks, editor Michael Eury and publisher John Morrow. John started by giving Michael a 20th Anniversary gift for working with him and on Back Issue for 20 years. He got a Superman signal watch. John and Michael spoke about the genesis of Back Issue Magazine and Michaels’s work history in comics. Many of the writers and contributors were in attendance and they introduced themselves and spoke about how they got started contributing to the magazine. Michaels spoke about learning how to edit from Dick Giordano. John also spoke a bit about the other magazine Michael edits, Retro Fan. Rich spoke about the joy of working with Michael (as did all the writers). They spoke about which issue of Back Issue was their favorite and why, and how they come up with topics/themes for an issue, they did some Q&A and raffled off some prizes.

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