The Jamie Coville Experience: TCAF Doug Wright Best Book Award 2019

2019 Doug Wright Awards

Masters of Ceremonies was Steve Manale. Presenters/Speakers were Brad Mackay, Sabrina Scott, Dalton Sharp, Andy Brown, Jamie Yun, Seth, Phyllis Wright, Ken Wright, Rotem Diamant, Joe Ollmann, and others.

Winners are in bold

Pigskin Peters Award (For the best experimental, unconventional or avant-garde comic)
Eggshell 2 (ddogg) – William Dereume
Winter’s Cosmos (Koyama Press) – Michael Comeau
Promising Jupiter – Ron Hotz
310, 310 (Peow Studio) – Mushbuh
Retomber – Xiaoxiao Li

Doug Wright Spotlight Award (a.k.a. The Nipper) (For a Canadian cartoonist deserving of wider recognition)
Ariane Dénommé – 100 Days in Uranium City (Conundrum Press)
Aminder Dhaliwal – Woman World (Drawn & Quarterly)
Al Gofa – Dark Angels of Darkness (Peow Studio)
Victor Martins – Stay and You Don’t Have To be Afraid of Me
Sylvia Nickerson – All We Have Left Is This
Eric Kostiuk Williams – Our Wretched Town Hall (Retrofit Comics)

Giants of the North Hall of Fame inductees are:
Alootook Ipellie – Inducted by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm and Louisa Gillespie. Followed by a song from Monica Ittusardjuat and Louisa Gillespie.
Fiona Smith – Inducted by Maurice Vellekoop.

Doug Wright Best Book Award (for the best English-language book published in Canada)
A Western World (Koyama Press) – Michael DeForge
Young Frances (Adhouse Books) – Hartley Lin
Evie and the Truth About Witches (Koyama Press) – John Martz
Somnambulance (Koyama Press) – Fiona Smyth

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