The Jamie Coville Experience – Comics Law: Disney, Malibu and the Uncensored Mouse

Comics Law: Disney, Malibu and the Uncensored Mouse (52:02, 47.6mb)
On the panel was Michael Lovitz, Dave Oblrich, Chis Ulm and Nat Gertler. They discussed what the Uncensored Mouse was and played an Entertainment Tonight story about the comic, Dave spoke about publishing the book, Michael discussed what is public domain and how it related to the comic, the cover and why it was legally smart, why Disney hit them with a Cease and Desist and the negotiated settlement with Disney, lessons learned from the experience, asking for permission vs for forgiveness, looking up if a property is public domain or not, trademark law and from the audience David Seidman spoke about the reaction within Disney where he worked at the time.

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