The Jamie Coville Experience – Comics and Comic Convention Historians: The Next Generation





Comics and Comic Convention Historians: The Next Generation (58:16, 53.3mb)
On the panel was Terry Stroud, Mike Royer, Bill Morrison, Matt Dunford, Greg Koudoulian, Elliot S! Maggin, Steve Geppi, Josh Geppi and Alonso Nunez. Greg started by playing a news story by Walter Cronkite about comic book collecting. The group talked about a variety of issues including, comics now building a new ground floor and helping the movie industry, more women are now interested in making comics, Terry spoke about selling comics, Mike Royer his involvement in the first comic con, Matt Dunford spoke about being inspired by comic con, Elliot talked about his getting into comics, Steve Geppi spoke about the magic of comics, Josh and Steve Geppi also spoke about comics surviving digital comics and how they were a good thing for the industry and the group told what their first comic convention was. [Note this came to an abrupt end as they ran over time and were cutting into J. Michael Straczynski’s panel time]

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