THE JAMIE COVILLE EXPERIENCE: Charlie Adlard: My Life as Comics Laureate

Charlie Adlard: My Life as Comics Laureate
(1:10:35, 66.2mb)
This began with an introduction by Andrew Woodrow-Butcher and Lindsay
Gibb, then an introduction of Charles Adlard was done by Barbara Postema.
Charles spoke about the first comic he read, showed his first published
art, he went through his early career from working on 2000AD and doing
Judge Dredd, his
getting work in America working on X-Files comics, self publishing a
graphic novel (White Death) and then bouncing around from
job to job doing Batman and other “big two” characters. He spoke about
meeting Robert Kirkman and starting on the Walking Dead.
He explained what his role as Laureate encompasses, who his audience is,
his presentations for different age groups, his motivation.
He discussed the snobbery he’s encountered over comic books, his
dyslexic son and how comics helped him, points he tries to make, having
an impact,
He then opened it up for Q&A.

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