25 Years of Image Comics
(1:16:14, 71.5mb)
This panel was moderated by Christopher Butcher and David Brothers.
Chris started with an introduction and thanks to the people who help
put TCAF together. On the panel was Sana Takeda (and translator), Jeff
Lemire, Charles Adlard, Emma Rios, Brandon Graham and Chip Zdarsky.
The group talked about when they were first exposed to Image, why they
publish through Image, Emma talked about being an editor working
through Image, working for Marvel after working for Image, Sana talked
about why she changed her art style when she did Monster, Chris
and Jeff talked about why they still do Work for Hire comics, if there
is an Image house style, where Sana got her influence from when
coming up with a new art style, Chip and Brandon talked about their
different online interactions, if any of the creators see
themselves doing 150+ issues of a single title like Charles has done
thus far, how they handle creative differences with their
collaborators and why they do comics at all.

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