The Insider’s Guide to E-sports Betting And Coronavirus

In recent years we have seen how electronic sports have broken through, and of course, the world of betting could not be the exception. This is why gambling in electronic sports has become a whole new industry in the world of online gambling. Because betting goes beyond classic boxing, tennis, horse, or soccer bets … we also have E-sports or electronic sports that are here to stay.

What is E-sports?

Electronic sports are video game competitions (face-to-face and online) where professional players participate in E-sports tournaments and compete against other participants or teams for prizes and have taken such a high level of repercussion that it has boosted the launch of world events reaching, of course, the world of online betting. They play games like FIFA, WoW, LoL, CS: Go, Call of Duty, Dota 2, etc.

The myth that E-sports is a child’s play has long been dead and buried. A study on electronic sports carried out by the consulting firm Nielsen in 2017 stated that the largest group of fans was between the ages of 25 and 40, with an average of 31 years.

Various games are popular to bet on E-sports

Of course, not all games are popular enough to be interesting for sports bettors and online bookmakers. Today, League of Legends, Counter-Strike and Starcraft 2 are particularly popular with the public and E-sport betting providers. When it comes to betting on E-sports, both individual players and teams compete against each other.

You can bet which team or which player will win and thus win a nice amount. Of course, it is important that you have fully understood the game and get to know the different participants. Via a site like Twitch, you can watch live many games of the various games. If you want to bet on E-sports, it is undoubtedly useful to delve into this first.

A growing number of bets possible

Where many sports which experience declining popularity, this is certainly not the case with E-sports. The number of viewers and players is still growing stronger every year. As a result, there are more and more options to bet on, and of course, even more, games will be added at various online bookmakers. For example, it is often not yet possible to bet on anything other than profit or loss for a team.

In the future, this will certainly be expanded with, for example, the possibility of live betting on E-sports. When betting on E-sports, you can also use the extra features and welcome bonuses of the online bookmakers. If you already feel at home in the world of online casino, you can make a lot of money with this now and certainly in the future!

Sports betting in times of coronavirus – are there alternatives?

The virus “COVID-19” keeps the world in suspense and has led to game cancellations and interruptions in the sports leagues. For enthusiastic betting fans, this is a frustrating scenario because not only is the hobby put on hold, but sometimes canceled bets heat the mind. Even if the coronavirus severely affects public life and social contacts are to be avoided as far as possible, there are alternatives for all sports betting enthusiasts.

Betting during the corona crisis

Events of all kinds were postponed all over the world due to the coronavirus or even ultimately canceled. This includes concerts, festivals and sports events. The large number of people who attract such events would mean a rapidly increasing infection rate. The fact that the authorities definitely want to prevent. After all, the capacities of the health system should not be exceeded.

Many tournaments in the E-sports scene are also affected by the demolition wave. By far, the biggest event is the annual  International championship in the multiplayer game Dota 2, which is also on the brink. The LA Major tournament has already been canceled. Just like other events, these events attract large numbers of viewers. In contrast to football, however, many E-sports events take place online and without an audience. This fact offers betting fans an ideal alternative.

When betting in E-sports, the tension is not based solely on the viewer factor, since the main action takes place on the screens. In addition, the electronic sport impresses with its diversity, so that there is something for every taste. Boredom cannot arise. The games are particularly popular among sports bettors.

Numerous bookmakers offer bets on all major tournaments of these games. Even before the corona crisis, betting on E-sports events was part of the betting landscape, so there is a large selection of placement options. In addition, this betting alternative has a great advantage: In contrast to conventional sporting events, which in most cases require money for the transmission, all events in E-sports can be followed via live stream without remuneration. The most common platforms on the Internet are YouTube and Twitch. But the websites of the betting providers themselves offer a Livestream.

Virtual sports as an option

In addition to E-sports, the rather new field of virtual sports is also emerging as an alternative for sports weather. In times of the corona crisis, all football betting enthusiasts do not have to do without the excitement and adrenaline of a football bet. As a real alternative, Virtual Sports behave completely differently than E-sports.

In Virtual Sports, the corresponding games are played without participants, since the entire course of the game is simulated based on data and statistics. Complex algorithms use this statistical data and project the corresponding game onto the screen. At first glance, this procedure may sound like a card game, but Virtual Sports is completely error-free and is only based on information that has been fed in. A comparison would be, for example, a game between computer opponents in sports simulations such as FIFA or NBA 2K.

The whole concept is a real alternative to sports betting. The complex structure guarantees fact-based gameplay, and mistakes in real football matches are completely eliminated. Here, for example, wrong referee decisions should be mentioned, which in the recent past have led one or the other betting fan to win. A large number of statistical parameters used to ensure precise and realistic gameplay. Just like with E-sports, the games can be followed via livestream.

Why are people so attached to casino games?

You wonder why many people like to play at the casino over sports betting, even when they know they won’t win a single penny. Some even lose their entire bankroll, but the next day they are there. One wonders why. Why such a passion for online casino games?

One of the reasons why some people keep playing online casino is the presence of table games offered by the online bookmakers. These include the game of blackjack online and online roulette. On the other hand, they can have an advantage if they are played carefully. However, some table games come with about 6% moderation. These include roulette, three card poker, Let It Ride, etc.

Conclusion: betting lovers are not dry

The prevailing corona crisis may pose new challenges for societies around the world. But the digital age offers enough scope to maintain impaired social life and hobbies. Sports betting is no exception. Although all conventional sports events have been canceled or postponed, E-sports and Virtual Sports offer very good alternatives. In this way, not only can the corona crisis be bridged, but your own horizon can also be expanded.

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