The Image Implosion has far-reaching effects

Image Comics recently announced a cutback on the number of titles currently being solicited. A number of second-year Image titles will be affected by this cutback, including Tribe, Shaman’s Tears, Stupid, and Trencher.

I called Image and was directed to Kyle Zimmerman, who is in charge of promotions, and learned that Tribe is canceled effective immediately. “There will be no issue two from Image,” Zimmerman said. (Larry Stroman and Todd Johnson, the creators of Tribe, have announced plans to self-publish the series.)

Shaman’s Tears is canceled as of issue #5. Stupid will put out a second issue in both standard format and 3-D. The second issue will be Stupid’s last. Trencher ends with issue #5, but Zimmerman said, “Keith Giffen will continue his work with Erik Larsen and with Rob Liefeld on Bloodstrike.” Maxi, although not listed in the original announcement, is also canceled, as of issue #5.

The following titles will continue to the conclusion of their mini-series run: Alan Moore’s 1963, which has been on time; Jack Kirby’s Phantom Force, Dale Keown’s Pitt, and AI Gordon and Jerry Ordway’s WildStar: Sky Zero. WildStar #3 and #4 will be re-solicited; #3 will ship in September and #4 in October.

The following titles have been indefinitely postponed: Big Guy by Frank Miller, Enemies of Mankind by Alan Moore, and Tiger Files by Tom Artis. “None of them will be out this year; beyond that I can’t say,” Zimmerman said. “If [a new title] doesn’t come from Homage Studios, Extreme Studios, Shadowline Studios, Todd McFarlane, or Erik Larsen, it’s going to be taken off the schedule:”

As to the longest-delayed title from Homage Studios, Wetworks, Zimmerman said there would be an announcement in August. “All three issues will be done before it is solicited, so it will ship on time.”

He said that Image is concentrating on the founding seven creators and rededicating itself to putting out product on time.

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