The Haunted Cowboy is an all-new, original graphic novel centered around the murder of Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood, Dakota Territory circa 1876.

Rusty Grainger is a 15-year old resident of Deadwood. He goes to school and works in the Livery with his Uncle Jim, the only family he has left since his mother’s death several years earlier. Rusty has a crush on a local girl named Abigail and he is a target of bullies, due to his red hair and awkward ways.

More than anything, the teenager idolizes Wild Bill Hickok and wants to follow in the famous gunman’s footsteps, performing as a trick shot artist in traveling shows when he gets older. When Rusty meets his idol, Wild Bill takes an instant shine to the lad.

The next day, Wild Bill calls Rusty to the saloon to talk. Rusty arrives just in time to see Jack McCall gun down his hero. Overcome with grief, Rusty calls out the murderer in an effort to avenge his idol but fails miserably.

Later that day, the ghost of Wild Bill appears to Rusty to say how much he appreciated his attempt at taking out McCall. The spirit cowboy vows to teach Rusty how to be a gunslinger so they can finish what he started and take down McCall to get justice for his murder.

This 55-page western is written by Scott Young, penciled by Fernando Ruiz, inked by Kim DeMulder and features a cover by Tom Mandrake! What more could you ask for!

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