The Golden Years … Big Bang Adventures #8

So .. comic books … yeah. My pull-list is at an all-time low in terms of books from “The Big Two” publishers. I haven’t read so little from Marvel or DC since my principal source of income was cutting the lawn for my Dad. How come? Well, most of the books don’t call to me. They seem like they are not written for me. Sure, some special series comes out that I grab but I’m coming to the realization that the big corporation comic companies might not be valuing my demographic anymore. Maybe? Or that’s just the old man in me complaining about the weather and the neighbourhood kids walking on my lawn. But I’m also hearing the same from the Social Mediaverse. “That’s not my He-Man.” Or, “that’s not my Archie.”

Big Bang Adventures #8 Cover
Big Bang Adventures #8 Cover

So what’s a 50-year-old comic reader supposed to do? Start obsessively collecting reprint Omnibuses from the eras they loved? Sure, why not. Or maybe, just maybe, look past Marvel and DC Comics and explore the world of brilliantly done, nostalgic comic books out there! And in a moment of pure serendipity, such a book happened upon my desk.

Big Bang Adventures #8 is a wonderfully retro comic book. Sorta like the old Brave and the Bold series, each issue introducing a new comic property. Big Bang Adventures #8 introduces the Knights of Justice. You need not have read Big Bang #1 through #7 to be delighted.

The Big Bang Comics section at IndyPlanet says, “The Knights Of Justice, Golden Age heroes of Earth B are back! When an Alliance of Evil composed of their major enemies attack Washington they respond to the challenge! But that’s only the start of an adventure that will take them to the deeps of the Roman Underworld to rescue one of their own and advert a nuclear Armageddon!”

Big Bang Adventures #8 Interior Page
Big Bang Adventures #8 Interior Page

Writer Pedro Angosto gives us so many pages of fun featuring Blitz, The Beacon, U.S.Angel, Venus, The Badge, Dr. Stellar, Vita-Man, Thunder Girl and Dr. Weird as members of the Knights of Justice. Pure nostalgic fun. I’m overusing those words again but that is exactly what this book is about. Art by Pablo Alcalde is great and matching the period of comic books. Bright, with an ever so slight Archie comics house style pinch of flavour to remove any “grim and gritty” flare. Colours by Simon Loko are equally as perfectly applied to the art and Adam Pruett’s lettering is clean and clear. All of it just gels together to plaster a silly grin all over my face. This 52-page comic is full of pin-ups, double-page splashes and text pieces offering plenty of comic reading enjoyment for the money.

Big Bang Adventures #8 has spurred my interest in the rest of the Big Bang Comics offerings which you can find at the aforementioned IndyPlanet as well as having a peek at all the Big Bang Comics social media links, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Title: Big Bang Adventures #8 | Publisher: Big Bang Comics
Writer: Pedro Angosto | Artist: Pablo Alcalde
Colours: Simon Loko | Letters: Adam Pruett
Price: $8.95 – 52 pages

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