The Forbidden Interview with Author K.L. Parrish

I’m Joined today by author K.L. Parrish. He comes to us from the great state of Florida and is here to talk about his new book. Lets do it!

Mat: What is your author name? If I was having a conversation with you (like this) what would I call you? I only ask because you went with initials and I can think of about ten ways to address you.

Keith: K.L. Parish. I figured some would ask what my name stood for? My name is Keith Lavalla-Parish. I found it easier to initial my long name. You can call me Keith.

Mat: Keith it is. So getting right into this, for those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself.

Keith: Currently, I live in southwest Florida but I’m originally from New York City. Growing up, I also lived in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Aside from being an author, I’m a Firefighter/Paramedic. I started my career in emergency services in 1992 as an EMT in Holyoke, MA. I live with my wife of 14 years, Auriel, and have two boys together, Jacob and Caleb. We both have older kids that are in their twenties as well. I’m a very private guy who enjoys writing books and playing guitar.

Mat: What a coincidence, I’m a Paramedic as well. As you know, there is quite a rivalry between EMS and Fire Departments. But I’ll leave that alone. But, I just learned that you guys can read though! OMG… I’m kidding but thank you for all you do as a firefighter and medic.

Mat: What inspired you to be a writer:

Keith: Reading stories has always been a passion of mine. I just decided one day to try and write my own tales. I have been writing on and off for ten years. About a year I decided to get more serious and began to write every day. I find writing to be a great outlet.

Mat: I agree. It is a fantastic outlet.

Mat: Who is your favorite horror writer?

Keith: Hands down the king of Horror, Stephen King. C.J. Tudor is another of my favorites.

Mat: Horror writers are notoriously brave people, sort of. There are stories of Steven King writing as much as he could before getting so scared, he had to run down the hall and dive in bed with his wife. Any stories like that in your life? What scares you most?

Keith: Ha! I wouldn’t say I have ever scared myself that badly. I think I have the everyday fears that everyone has.

Mat: I have a fear of running into something as I scream aloud and scurry down the hallway to my bed. Apparently, the bed is a safe, monster-free zone. I wouldn’t let your feet hang over the edge though!

Mat: Tell us a bit about your new book “The Forbidden Forrest.

Keith: The story is based around America’s most haunted forest in Dudley Town, Connecticut. There have been stories about mysterious deaths, people going insane, and others found hanging from the trees. The story starts off with a promise by Tommy, to his father, that he will never enter the forest. After a dare from his friends, he breaks the promise and heads in. That’s when Tommy will discover the the demonic world of The Forbidden Forest.

Mat: I really like your book cover by the way. Your artist did a great job.

Mat: When is The Forbidden Forrest coming out?

Keith: January 2020

Mat: Where can people find your writing?

Facebook: @klparishauthor

Twitter: @KLParish2

Instagram: @klparish

Mat: Last but not least. One final question that I hear nearly every time I’m in a group of writers. Mac or Windows; Word or Scrivener?

Keith: That’s a good question. I used to use windows 7. I really enjoyed that version. I switched to mac. I find that Macs user-friendly. I do use Scrivener during my second draft to break down the chapters. Scrivener is a great tool. I do know if it’s for everyone. I personally find that after hundreds of pages the work feels overwhelming without using a tool to break down my chapters.

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