The Following Casework Returns to Kickstarter

The Following Casework series is back for its third issue on Kickstarter. Creative team Jack Holder and Lucas Santos return to continue “the Saving Grace” arc. 2000 years ago, the gods disappeared from the face of the earth. Now, in a hail of bullets and in a bolt of lightning, the new gods are rising. Join T. Titus Thyme, theological investigator, and Bev as they take on cases of a divine nature. Facing gods, monsters, magic, and Titus’ curiosity, they may save the world, or doom it before lunch.

From John Robinson, creator of “Scorpio” “The Following Casework” provides us with a fun, creative examination of what things we truly revere as “gods” from the lens of two instantly affable characters in a magical world.

Titus and Bev strike to the heart of what it means to have faith. How it changes our perspectives, our actions, and even our reality. Inspired by Holder’s work at Boston University studying church and the arts, this book presents a new take on faith in the 21st century. The Following Casework issue 3 is on Kickstarter until July 16th. You can find them on Kickstarter here: Kickstarter link.

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