The Five Sart Bar is a dive bar that features live music, the venue is similar to the Whiskey but in a smaller scale.

The Five Star Bar is located in the heart of Downtown LA they offer cheap drinks, live music, and some food at lunch, at the time we went they were offering chips.

Parking was close and $11.00 which is good for LA.

The venue has a decent size standing area alongside the bar that goes up to the stage, tables, and two pool tables.

It is a nice and intimate venue that features punk rock regularly.

We got there at 9:00 for the show and there were two opening bands before The Focke-Wolves. White Demons and Symbol Six. Both opening bands featured music in line with the main act and helped set the mood for the evening as the audience began to dance to the music and sing along.

The White Demons are a four member band, Nick Kokoros lead guitar and vocals, Mike Christie guitar and vocals, Patrick McKay bass and vocals and Jack Obregon on drums. The band is straightforward rock ‘n’ roll with a bit of the late 70’s early 80’s metal, you could tell that Motörhead, The Ramones, and Alice Cooper were influences on the band. The audience was into the music and got the evening off to a nice start.

Symbol Six was up next with Eric Leach as lead vocals, and he was all over the stage.  The band was rounded out by Tony Fate on guitar, Evan Shanks on bass and Phil George on drums.  Symbol Six was a similar sound to White Demons with 80’s retro tone perfect for the punk bar scene. The audience was engaged and on their feet for the entire performance.

The Focke-Wolves were the headliners for the Blasto Maxxxo release. The Focke-Wolves are a hybrid puck cross genre band with a strong 80’s punk sound mixed with rockabilly and heavy metal guitar sounds. The five-member band features frontman Bobby Ray Octane on vocal, Mickey McFaster and TK Overdrive on guitar, Eli Miller on bass and Billy Dee on drums.

They came to the stage at about 11:00, band members had been in the audience all night drinking and socializing with fans in attendance. This gives a different feel to the show and allows fans much more interaction with the band members than I have experienced in other venues.

When they took to the stage you are immediately hit with Octane’s vocals, wich are deep and reminiscent of the Misfits. In fact, everyone in my party noticed the similarity as soon as Octane began to sing.

McFaster and Overdrive would jump from the stage and play on the floor with the audience moving from the stage to the front of the venue multiple time. They would bang their heads and play against each other until you could feel the power of the music. Billy Dee poured his heart and soul into the beat as sweat poured off him all night.

The members were animated and interaction between the band and the audience enhanced the experience. It was very reminiscent of my high school years listening to punk bands in LA clubs. While the band does have that throw back feel to the early 80’s punk it also has a 50’s Chuck Berry feel to it too. It was loud, fast past and high energy. This is real kickass rock ‘n’ roll they way we all remember it.

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