The final issue of Zorro: Flights by Don McGregor! Now on Kickstarter!

Now on Kickstarter! It’s the king-size final issue of Zorro: Flights from publisher American Mythology and trailblazing writer Don McGregor!

48 pages with 39 pages of Zorro action and all kinds of fun extras!  Don McGregor’s legendary tale comes to a close in amazing fashion with a massive tome of swashbuckling!  Get the supersized final issue of Zorro: Flights with an exclusive Kickstarter cover featuring the legendary Guy Williams as Zorro!

Veteran comic book scribe Don McGregor – the man who breathed four-color life into Marvel Comics’ Black Panther and Killraven, among others; DC Comics’ Nathaniel Dusk; as well as his own Detectives, Inc. and Sabre – joins the ranks of American Mythology Productions with his long-awaited return to “The Fox” with Zorro: Flights.

For the first time in 15 years McGregor is back, and he’s bringing Zorro face to face with a fire-breathing dragon in this three-issue limited series, featuring art by Claudio Avella! But something doesn’t seem right. Although the creature soars in the air breathing fire and fury, it appears to be controlled by mere man.

Check out the incredible art by Claudio Avella with color by Jeremy Kahn below!  The adventures of Zorro have never looked so bold and kinetic!  Come along with us on Zorro’s final ride up into the air on the wings of a “Dragon!”

And get your back issues now! You’d be surprised how many fans don’t realize that American Mythology has been publishing Zorro comics for five years!  Catch up on all the incredible back issues featuring supernatural horror and the classic collections of yesteryear in our add-ons section! Everything that is still in stock has been relisted for easy inclusion with your pledge.

This Kicksterter campaign ends on Tuesday, June 13th, so make sure to pledge now!


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