THE EIGHTH IMMORTAL #3 On-sale March 31st

The Eighth Immortal #3

(W) Jacob Murray (A) Alice Li Barnes
(CA) Tiffany Turrill (L) LetterSquids

“If this isn’t in your sphere of influence you need to change that ASAP because this should be on everyone’s lips! ”
– Steven Leitman, Reading with a Flight Ring

Curipan connects with a side of herself she’d long forgotten, and awakens a new power that frames her past in a new light. Kikan reconsiders his devotion to his wife, and Daniel’s parents wrestle with their son’s mysterious abilities. Meanwhile, General McLeod leaves a trail of bodies in his wake as he searches for a new host.

The Eighth Immortal #3 hits shelves February 24th. Cover art by Tiffany Turrill (Lucifer) and letters by LetterSquids.

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