The Edge Trade Paperback: Vol 1


The Edge is an enhancement drug that gives powers. Yet the more the power is used, the more The Edge takes. It infects you and can cause death. So the abilities that are granted are less a gift, and more of a curse.

Once the world is aware of the enhanced humans, sides will be chosen, and threats will come from everywhere. The book is about escalation and how the more you fight; the more battles will come to you

Mark Louie Vuycankiat (“Mark V”) brings his pencil and ink skills to bring the world of The Edge to life! He is bolstered by the colors of Luis Antonio Delgado and the letters of Jaymes Reed.

The Edge Trade Paperback Cover

Issue 1 – Page 1
Issue 1 – Page 2
Issue 1 – Page 3
Issue 1- Page 4

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