The Demon Slayer Universe and What TheFuture Holds

Demon slayer has turned out to be one of the bestanime seasons of its time. The show cost over $15 million to produce and has one of the highest ratings for an anime. But with the way its second seasonended, the future of the demon slayer corps and hashiras is something a lot of people would like toknow

The wonderful graphics and intense fight scenes aren’tthe only heartfelt moments to catch in the show. Thesecond season of Demon Slayer has us all wonderingwhat will happen now that the hashira positions are incomplete. 

Warning: If you haven’t seen the second season, thenthere are bound to be spoilers you’d rather miss. 

What happened in Season 2

Season 2 of Demon Slayer reminded us of the death ofRengoku Kyojuro in the Demon Slayer movie. Thiscreated the first vacant spot in the Hashiras whichcouldn’t be filled because of the premature demise ofmost young demon slayers

Further into the season, Uzui, a famous assassin whoalso happens to be a hashira, had to quit fighting after defeating an upper rank 6 demon. Why? His promiseto his three beautiful Shinobi wives

He hinted at Tanjiro’s capability of being a Hashira butit is yet to be confirmed

Season displayed great potential in the younggeneration as their teamwork and individual strengthsseemed to have improved following Rengoku’sdemise. Tajiri, Inosuke and Zenitsu are sure to displayeven more interesting battle prowess in comingseasons

What About Nezuko?

We’ve all had our fair share of anime characters with a big brother complex, especially from watching Black Clover. However, the intricate relationship betweenTanjiro and Nezuko is one which significantly affectshow he fights. So, what happened to Nezuko?

It seems that even in this season as Tanjiro improvedin strength, Nezuko did as well. She got to battle withthe sister of the upper rank 6 demon although thebattle was cut short at some point. However, we got tosee that little Nezuko has become quite powerful and there is a lot more we can expect from her in thecoming episodes.

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