The Dead Rise Again!  Dead Kingdom Volume II #1 and Dead Kingdom Volume 1 TPB hitting stores soon!

On February 14 (or close enough to it!) Dead Kingdom Volume II #1 hits comic shops.

As Kain and Alice are reunited, the Kingdom is falling into despair. The undead spread through the land, enrolling Kain and his companions back into the fight. On a mission to bring back a weapon that may turn the tide of the invasion, the group will soon realize that something worse than the undead lurks in the shadow.

Dead Kingdom Volume II #1 can be ordered from your comic shop using the code:  NOV231674

And if you missed Volume 1, the trade paperback of the 5 issue series will be hitting shops at the same time

A mysterious plague is haunting the kingdom. With the help of a peacekeeper, a group of soldiers investigate a village that may hold the answers to what is happening. But the truth is far worse that everyone could ever imagine. Dead Kingdom is a five-part, multi layered saga that will explore a world where sorcery, brotherhood, and love collide with the rising nightmare of the living dead.

The award winning trade paperback can be ordered with Diamond Code: NOV231673

For review copies, please contact or message Red 5 Comics through Facebook, X, or Instagram.

Enjoy these preview pages from Volume II #1 below!

Also look for the Volume 1 TPB in stores at the same time!

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