The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 99: Captain America #27

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 99: Captain America vol 4 #27, penciled by Eddie Campbell, inked by Stewart McKenney, written by Robert Morales, lettered by Randy Gentile, and colored by Brian Reber, published by Marvel Comics in August 2004.
Captain America is one of my favorite characters, but it took me a long time to find a coffee-drinking page featuring him. The fact is that Steve Rogers seldom has a civilian life, so he isn’t often hanging out in coffee shops with his friends sipping java. This is one of those rare occasions. Steve is having breakfast at a diner in Red Hook with Rebecca Quan, a Brooklyn artist who he was dating for a time.
The early 2000s was a very weird time for Captain America. After the September 11th terrorist attacks, Marvel attempted to use the series to examine that event and the War on Terror, with VERY mixed results. The writer who did his best work in this area was Robert Morales, who had previously written Truth: Red, White & Black. I felt Morales possessed the skill and subtlety to effectively examine the extremely controversial political issues of that period. He wrote issues #21-28. Morales, unfortunately, passed away in 2013 at the age of 55.
Acclaimed independent artist Eddie Campbell was definitely an unusual choice to pencil Captain America but, as I said, it was a weird time for the series. I do appreciate the interesting, unconventional sensibility that Campbell brought to the final two issues of Morales’ run. The inking by Stewart McKenney and coloring by Brian Reber are also effective.

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