The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 98: Femforce #176

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 98: Femforce #176, pencils by Mark Heike, layouts & letters by Stephanie Heike, and inks & script by Mark & Stephanie Heike, published by AC Comics in November 2016.

Let’s take one last look at Femforce. This page is by the husband & wife team of Mark & Stephanie Heike. Next to Femforce creator Bill Black himself, Mark Heike is the most important creative force at AC Comics. Heike drew some of the earliest Femforce stories in the mid-1980s. He became the company’s Associate Editor in 1990, and in 2014 succeeded Black as Publisher and Editor in Chief in 2014. Heike has written, penciled and/or inked most of the Femforce issues published over the past 35 years. His wife, originally Stephanie Sanderson, was a Femforce fan who began working for AC in 1991. Mark and Stephanie married in 2000. They make a good team and have produced some nice artwork for Femforce and AC’s other titles.

On this page Femforce’s former military liaison and long-time ally, Roberta Strock is bringing Tara, Synn, and She-Cat up to speed on several important cases while they relax by the swimming pool. Roberta is having her morning coffee, and appropriately enough is wearing a “Must Love Coffee” t-shirt.

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