The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 89: Classic X-Men #26

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 89: Classic X-Men #26, penciled by Kieron Dwyer, inked by Terry Austin, written by Chris Claremont, lettered by Tom Orzechowski, and colored by Gregory Wright, published by Marvel Comics in October 1988.

A benefit of the expanded page count of the reprint series Classic X-Men was that it provided longtime X-Men writer Chris Claremont with the opportunity to include new material that expanded upon the existing stories he had done a decade earlier with Dave Cockrum and John Byrne. Due to the super-short 17 page count of the late 1970s, there had not been all that much room for Claremont to include many scenes featuring character development. So a decade later new pages were inserted into the reprinted stories in Classic X-Men, expanding on existing moments, as well as foreshadowing developments that would occur later in the run.

Up-and-coming artist Kieron Dwyer penciled the new material for several issues. He was paired with veteran inker Terry Austin, who had embellished John Byrne’s pencils on X-Men ten years earlier. Even early in his career Dwyer demonstrates very solid storytelling and characterization. Austin’s inking is, as always, superb.

This page has Jean Grey and Moira MacTaggart on Muir Isle, off the northern coast of Scotland. Despite the harsh weather, Jean has no need for winter clothes, due to her recent transformation into Phoenix. When Moira offers her a cup of hot coffee, a contemplative Jean reveals that she no longer needs food or drink to survive, either. It’s a good scene that supplements the ongoing subplot of Jean’s growing disconnect from humanity from the original stories by Claremont & Byrne.


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