The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 88: Swamp Thing #65

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 88: Swamp Thing #65, written & penciled by Rick Veitch, inked by Alfredo Alcala, lettered by John Costanza and colored by Tatjana Wood, published by DC Comics in October 1987.

John Constantine is being his usual smug, obnoxious self, but this time it earns him a cup of hot coffee in the face, courtesy of Abby Arcane. Of course, that’s nothing compared to what Swamp Thing does to him next.

I think Rick Veitch’s run on Swamp Thing was probably somewhat overshadowed by the stories by Alan Moore that came before. It’s also unfortunate that Veitch’s story arc ended prematurely due to a dispute with DC Comics’ management. Nevertheless, I definitely think his work on the series is due for a reappraisal. Certainly the artwork by Veitch and inker Alfredo Alcala was stunning, as demonstrated on this page.

Thank you to Cousin Dick Guion for reminding me of this one.

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