The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 86: Silver Streak Comics #19

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 86: “For The Last Time!” from Silver Streak Comics #19, written & drawn by Ron Santi, published by Lev Gleason / Comic House in March 1942.

This two-page comedy short features “Cousin Gus, who likes to turn a weekend visit into a permanent stay” dropping in on his Cousin Minnie’s family, who are understandably less than thrilled to see the moocher drop by again. Sitting in a comfy chair drinking coffee, Gus probably thinks he’s hit the jackpot. Observing him the family pets contemplate the situation…

Dog: The last time he came he stayed for two months!

Cat: Not this time he won’t!

The various members of Minnie’s household proceed to let Cousin Gus know he’s not welcome in a brilliantly passive-aggressive manner. Pretty soon Gus is hightailing it back home to the big city. As someone who’s had to deal with the occasional guest who overstayed their welcome, I heartily approve!

Silver Streak Comics was an anthology title published by Lev Gleason for 21 issues between December 1939 and May 1942 and then revived for two issues in 1946. Among the characters regularly featured were the original Daredevil, the Claw, the Pirate Prince, Dicky Dean Boy Inventor, and Silver Streak, who was named after the comic, not the other way around.

I was unfortunately not able to find much info about Ron Santi. He is apparently best known for creating the funny animal features The Three Mouseketeers and Bulldog Drumhead. The blog Pappi’s Golden Age Blogzine has a few posts spotlighting Santi’s work.

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