The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 85: Soulsearchers and Company #64

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 85: Soulsearchers and Company #64, penciled by John Heebink, inked by Allen Milgrom, written by Peter David, lettered by Kevin Cunningham, and co-plotted & edited by Richard Howell, published by Claypool Comics in January 2004.

Soulsearchers and Company was the other Claypool Comics series set in Mystic Grove, Connecticut, aka “Fear City.” The Soulsearchers were an oddball group of paranormal investigators who often got caught up in all manner of wacky hijinks.

Yes, I did sometimes find it a bit incongruous that the Soulsearchers got involved in comedy shenanigans in the exact same town where a grim life & death struggle against vampires was simultaneously being depicted in the pages of Deadbeats. But usually I just shrugged it off, since both series were enjoyable.

Soulsearchers and Company had several art teams during its run. I enjoyed John Heebink’s work on the series. He did a good job with the comedy aspects. He was inked by veteran embellisher Al Milgrom.

In this scene most of the Soulsearchers team is having breakfast and discussing their recent cases, all of which have been less than successful. Arnold Q. Stanley, the group’s founder who some time back was transformed into a talking prairie dog, is of course ready with his usual smartass remarks. This leads to Arnold having coffee poured on him. Novice witch and demon-slayer Kelly Hollister tells him not to overreact, stating “Calm down, Arnold. The coffee’s weak and lukewarm. I know: I made it.”

Note to self: When meeting up with the Soulsearchers, bring your own coffee.

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