The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 83: The Phantom: The Ghost Killer

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 83: Today’s use of coffee as a melee weapon comes from The Phantom: The Ghost Killer, drawn by Fernando Blanco, written by Ben Raab, lettered by Terri Boyle, and colored by Paul Mounts, published by Moonstone in February 2002.

The Ghost Killer was the first Phantom story released by Moonstone, who published the character’s adventures for several years. When the Phantom prevents a shipment of weapons from being smuggled into Bangalla, arms dealer Solomon Bishop hires femme fatale assassin La Castillana to kill the Ghost Who Walks.

Meanwhile, at her job working for the United Nations, Diana Walker, the Phantom’s wife, is investigating the manufacturer of the illegal weapons. Diana discovers her colleague Daniel O’Conner is involved in the arms smuggling. O’Conner attempts to kill Diana, but she hurls her mug of hot coffee into his face and then punches him out.

I’ve always appreciated stories that depicted Diana as a competent individual who is able to assist her husband. After all, if you are going to marry a man who is the latest in a centuries-long lineage of crimefighters, you really ought to be able to hold your own.

This special has some nice early work by Fernando Blanco. He has since worked on a number of books for DC Comics, including Fallen Angel, Manhunter and Batwoman.


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