The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 80: Betty and Veronica Digest Magazine #123

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 80: “She’s Goth To Have It” from Betty and Veronica Digest Magazine #123 , written & penciled by Holly Golightly, inked by John Costanza, lettered by Bill Yashida and colored by Barry Grossman, published by Archie Comics in October 2001.

Betty Cooper is feeling neglected. Archie and Reggie are too busy talking about their new video game systems, and Veronica is narcissistically admiring her brand new manicure. Dejected, Betty heads over to the coffee shop, where she sees a couple of Goth girls. The sweet blonde next door thinks to herself “I wish I more interesting… like those kids!” Betty and the two Goths unexpectedly end up bonding over Rice Crispy Treats, and soon enough they’re giving her a makeover. Next thing you know, Archie, Reggie and even Veronica can’t keep their eyes off Betty. Looks like it worked! I just think Betty at long last got tired of being the “good girl” of Riverdale.

This one was written and penciled by Holly Golightly. Between her work on indy bad girl books in the 1990s under the pen name Fauve and her work with her husband Jim Balent on Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, Golightly is definitely familiar with Goth fashion, making her a good fit for this wacky tale. The art was a nice blend of the Archie house style and Golightly’s own.

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