The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 75: Kickback

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 75. Today’s artwork comes from the graphic novel Kickback, written & drawn by David Lloyd and lettered by Dan Jackson. Originally released in French by Editions Carabas in 2005, Kickback was published in English by Dark Horse in August 2006.

Joe Canelli is a dirty cop in a city riddled with corruption. But when he learns that the greed & ruthlessness of his fellow officers are threatening to plunge Franklin City into a violent gang war, Canelli decides he has had enough. Locating a witness who can implicate a high-ranking member of the police force, Canalli goes on the run, pursued by his former comrades in arms.

In this scene, Canalli and his witness have holed up in a deserted house on the coast which is now under siege by the police. Meanwhile, Joe’s girlfriend Candy Ryan has sought out the psychiatrist who treated Joe as a child, hoping to get to the root of the nightmares that have been plaguing him. Over coffee, the doctor explains Joe’s history, how he barely survived the car crash that killed both his parents.

Lloyd did great work on Kickback, writing, drawing & coloring an engaging story possessed of a genuinely palpable mood.


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