The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 74: Tom Strong #16

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 74: Tom Strong #16, penciled by Chris Sprouse, inked by Karl Kesel, written by Alan Moore, lettered by Todd Klein, and colored by Alex Sinclair, published by America’s Best Comics / DC Comics in April 2002.
Alan Moore has written a lot of great comic books over the decade, but Tom Strong is among my favorites. Moore and penciler Chris Sprouse created an incredible cast of characters who experienced numerous thrilling and bizarre adventures. As much inspired by the pulp adventure stories of the 1930s and 40s as by Golden and Silver Age comic books, Tom Strong simultaneously deconstructed and paid homage to mid 20th Century fiction, resulting in a series that was both contemplative and genuinely fun.
In this issue, Coleman Grey, the Weird Rider, a genetically enhanced three-eyed space gunslinger, has returned to Earth for the first time in a century and a half. Over a cup of coffee, Grey warns Tom Strong and his family that an army of giant alien cyborg ants is en route to invade Earth and enslave humanity.
If you haven’t read Tom Strong, I definite recommend it. The run is collected in six trade paperbacks, plus another two that reprint the anthology title Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales.

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