The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 73: Exorsisters #3

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 73: Exorsisters #3, drawn by Gisele Lagace, written by Ian Boothby, lettered by Taylor Esposito, and colored by Pete Pantazis, published by Image Comics in December 2018.
Exorsisters is the story of Cate and Kate Harrow, twin sisters who battle supernatural menaces. Except that Kate is NOT actually Cate’s twin; she’s her soul, selfishly traded to the Devil years ago by Cate’s very own mother in order to save her own. When Cate was at long last able to rescue her soul from Hell, it had changed so much that they could not be reunited. So now they exist as two people, Cate intellectual & reserved, Kate emotional & irreverent.
In this flashback, Cate relates how as a teenager, having finally become aware of just what her mother did to her, she began searching out knowledge of the supernatural in an effort to find a way to reclaim her soul. Cate met a group of seemingly-helpful teenage Satanists at the local coffee shop and hooked up with them, hoping they could point her in the right direction.
Boothby and Lagace deliver a really effective blend of horror and comedy in Exorsisters. Lagace’s art effectively straddles those two genres. Her work is cute & sexy, but it can also be quite eerie when it needs to be.
A trade paperback of the first five issues was released in 2019, and issue #6, the beginning of the second story arc, came out last month. I highly recommend picking them up.

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