The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 70: Excalibur #29

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 70: Excalibur #29, penciled by Chris Wozniak, inked by Al Milgrom, written by Michael Higgins & Seth Kruchkow, lettered by Tom Orzechowski, and colored by Glynis Oliver, published by Marvel Comics in September 1990.
The early 1990s was a strange time for the comic book series Excalibur. Penciler Alan Davis had left the book, and writer Chris Claremont had one foot out the door. There were a number of different writers and artists popping in and out of the title during a very short period of time.
Chris Wozniak was apparently supposed to be the new regular penciler, but he ended up only drawing four issues. Perhaps this was due to Davis being a difficult act to follow, and Wozniak had a very different, unconventional style. I do think Wozniak’s work was underrated.
This was an especially odd issue. It’s a crossover with Power Pack, which was also going through a weird period of upheaval at this time. The story involves Nightmare’s attempts to mess around with the two teams, and at the end, no one is sure if the story’s events actually happened, or if it was all just a bad dream.
At the end of the issue, it’s the morning after, and Nightcrawler is attempting to clear his head with hot coffee, which he’s having in a Batman mug of all things! In any case, nice storytelling by Wozniak on this page, who does a good job of livening up the simple act of Kurt pouring a cup of coffee and drinking it.

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