The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 7: Green Lantern #66

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number seven: Green Lantern #66 by penciler Paul Pelletier & inker Romeo Tanghal, from DC Comics, cover-dated September 1995.

So, as someone who read these issues when they were coming out, I’ll put my cards on the table: No, I did NOT like that Hal Jordan went insane and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, and no, I did NOT like that the new Green Lantern’s girlfriend Alex DeWitt was murdered and stuffed in a refrigerator. Those two admittedly major things aside, I actually liked Kyle Rayner, and I felt that writer Ron Marz did a good job developing the character over several years.

After Alex’s death, Kyle moved from Los Angeles to New York City, renting an apartment in Greenwich Village, presumably pre-gentrification. Kyle’s landlord Radu had a coffee shop on the ground floor, and Kyle was a frequent customer, since in addition to the super-hero thing he was a freelance artist, and between those two jobs he definitely needed his regular caffeine fix!

Kyle soon became involved with the former Wonder Girl herself, Donna Troy. Nevertheless, being young and a bit immature, Kyle unfortunately still had a bit of a wandering eye, as we see here when he meets his neighbor, a model named Allison.

I’m not sure which one is stronger, Radu’s cappuccino or Allison’s approach to chatting up guys. “You should invite me up sometime. Love to see what you do… you know, your etchings and things.” Oh, man, that’s right up there with “It’s the plumber. I’ve come to clean your pipes.”

Pelletier is a good penciler. I’ve always enjoyed his work, and thought he should be a bigger name in comic books. As we see here, he certainly knows how to lay out a “talking heads” scene in an interesting manner. Of course, it DOES help when one of your characters is a sexy gal

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