The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 63: Sovereign Seven #36

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 63: Sovereign Seven #36, penciled by Ron Lim, inked by Chris Ivy, and written by

Chris Claremont, published by DC Comics with a July 1998 cover date.
As the final issue of Chris Claremont’s Sovereign Seven comes to a close, the Sovereigns, after a long, hard-fought conflict, have finally emerged triumphant against the insidious Rapture.
And then we see that, apparently, the entire story of S7 has been nothing more than a comic book series created by Casey and Morgan, two young women who are customers at the Crossroads Coffee Bar that appeared so often throughout the series.
Sovereign Seven was a creator-owned series that nevertheless took place in the DC universe, with appearances by Darkseid, Superman, Power Girl, and other mainstays. Presumably, this ending was conceived by Claremont to allow the series to end with a clean break so that in the future he could have his characters return in an entirely different venue. It’s certainly a metatextual scene, with Casey and Morgan standing in for Claremont himself to reflect on the series’ cancellation.
Of course, as Alan Moore once famously observed, “This is an Imaginary Story… Aren’t they all?” And so I like to think that in some corner or another of the multiverse the events of Sovereign Seven “really” did happen. Ah, well, real or not, it was a fun series.
Ron Lim was the second regular penciler on S7. I have been a fan of Lim since he was the penciler on Captain America way back in the early 1990s. I definitely regard him as underrated. On most of his S7 issues, Lim was inked by Chris Ivy. They made a great art team, wonderfully illustrating Claremont’s stories.
So, anyone know where I can snag one of those big S7 coffee cups?

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