The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 58: Vampirella #34

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 58: “Recurrence” was drawn by José Beá and written by Steve Skeates. It appeared in Vampirella #34, released by Warren Publishing in June 1974.

The beautiful young protagonist of “Recurrence” thought she had it made. She had pushed her husband into an elevator shaft, collecting $10,000 from the insurance company for his “accidental” death. But then came the dreams, night after night, of being pushed off a cliff and falling endlessly. Was it a guilty conscience… or a premonition? Now she drinks coffee in the middle of the night desperate not to fall asleep again.

Spanish artist José Beá illustrated a number of stories for Warren between 1971 and 1976. These were published in Warren’s three main comic book magazine series, Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella. Following his time at Warren, Beá did a great deal of work in the European comic book field. Among these were a number of erotic stories, some of which at the time unfortunately garnered a great deal of controversy. Beá also wrote several science fiction novels for young adults.

I will be looking at another coffee-related Warren horror short in a few days.

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