The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 57: Femforce #93

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 57: Femforce #93, written & penciled by Brad Gorby, inked by Mark Heike, and lettered by Christie Churms, published by AC Comics in May 1996.

Let’s take one more look at Femforce. While it is basically a serious title, it has never shied away from humor. The main storyline running through these issues involves Jennifer Burke, the daughter of the original Ms. Victory. Due to the manipulations of the military and a series of personal tragedies Jen’s life has completely fallen apart. Going rogue, Jen adopts the identity of Rad which her mother previously assumed. The government, realizing that Rad possesses a wealth of top-secret information from her time leading Femforce, dispatches a group of genetically engineered assassins to eliminate her.

While this very intense plotline is taking place, writer/penciler Brad Gorby takes a brief detour to a more lighthearted setting. It is morning and the ladies of Femforce are having breakfast. Ms. Victory is once again drinking coffee, obviously a favorite of hers. The incredibly-powerful yet often-absentminded Synn is trying to find out who ate all her sprinkle donuts and pop tarts, prompting the sorceress Nightveil to conjure up some for her.

I’ve always enjoyed these “downtime” scenes in Femforce that explored the personal lives of the characters, and which allowed for somewhat more goofball sequences. Femforce is definitely a series that has a sense of humor about itself.

Gorby did a good job penciling this scene, giving each of the characters their own personalities, making them stand out from one another. The inking is by Mark Heike. Gorby and Heike are both longtime AC Comics contributors, as well as very talented artists. Grey tones are by Christie Churms, who also lettered this issue.

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