The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 51: Exposure: Second Coming #2

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 51: Today’s art is from Exposure: Second Coming #2, penciled by Wilson Tortosa, written by David Campiti, lettered by Matt Thompson, and colored by Mickey Clausen, published by Avatar Press in October 2000.

Okay, let’s try this one again.

The first time I posted this about a month ago it ended up resulting in a few nasty arguments, and part of that was my fault for taking a few comments too personally and overreacting. Eventually I ended up deleting the entire post, which caused a few people to get mad at me for deleting all of their comments. Hopefully this time we can all have a calm, rational discussion. So, anyway…

I know some of you are probably saying “Coffee? What coffee?!?” Look, it’s right there. Those two lingerie-clad ladies are having their morning coffee. See, I told you so.

Exposure, created by David Campiti and Al Rio, featured the adventures of Lisa Shannon and Shawna Diaz, who investigate cases involving demons, vampires, aliens and other weird phenomena. Of course Lisa and Shawna deal with all of these unusual menaces while wearing skimpy outfits and stiletto heels. And in their free time they occasionally work as pin-up models. I guess you can consider it The XXX-Files, or something like that.

Exposure was originally published by Image Comics in 1999 as a four issue series by Image Comics. It returned a year later with the two issue Exposure: Second Coming released through Bad Girl comic book publisher Avatar Press.

This back-up story in Exposure: Second Coming #2 was the first published work of Filipino artist Wilson Tortosa. He went on to draw Battle of the Planets, City of Heroes and Tomb Raider for Top Cow / Image Comics.

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