The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 26: Femforce #6

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 26: Femforce #6, penciled by Robert Walker, written & inked by Bill Black, lettered by Walter Paisley, and colored by Rebekah Black, published by AC Comics, released December 1986.

I previously featured artwork from the AC Comics title Americomics. Here we have another piece of coffee-drinking artwork from AC, this time from the company’s flagship title, Femforce. Overseen by AC editor Bill Black, Femforce has been in continuous publication since 1985. As the title indicates, it features the adventures of an all-female superhero team. I discovered Femforce two decades ago, and fortunately was able to obtain a number of the earlier issues, including this one, which enabled me to get caught up very quickly.

The membership of Femforce is made up of a combination of public domain heroines who date back to the Golden Age of comic books and newer characters created & developed by Black during the 1970s and 80s. Black and his various collaborators have done a great job developing an exciting and intriguing fictional world, giving the large cast of characters interesting personalities and rich backstories.

Of course, there is also a fair amount of T&A in the Femforce stories. It firmly falls into the category of “good girl art.” Robert Walker, who penciled a handful of stories for AC in the mid 1980s, was definitely one of the artists who emphasized the more, um, curvaceous aspects of the characters’ physiques. I haven’t been able to find much info on Walker, but after his time at AC he did sporadic work for Marvel, Milestone, Dark Horse and Valiant.

Black has inked a diverse selection of pencilers during Femforce’s 35 year run, as well as producing full artwork from time to time. I’ve always enjoyed his inking on the AC titles. He has a very polished ink line.

This page, which has Femforce’s newest member Tara the Jungle Girl brewing some coffee, encapsulates the qualities of the Femforce series. We have the team’s founder Ms. Victory touching upon her personal history and family life. We also have these two female characters drawn in a sexy manner. I suppose you could say the two hallmarks of Femforce are characterization and cheesecake.

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