THE CONSULTANT: Coming to comiXology this May!

A Sequel to the Ringo Nominated Dark Superhero Series!

Writer(s): Jason Sterr
Artist Name(s): Daniel Mainé
Cover Artist(s): Simon Fraser
97 pgs./ M / FC
$5.99 (Digital Only)

Superheroes shouldn’t wound what they can’t kill.

He made secrets, evidence, and bodily fluids disappear for the world’s greatest “heroes”; now his Rolodex has become his hit-list.  Marcus Greenberg wages war on friends and foes alike in the stunning sequel to the Ringo Award Nominated series THE CONSULTANT, subtitled The Client: Quid Pro Quo.


After the events from the first volume of THE CONSULTANT, Russell Small and Tiburon have restarted the superhero team known as The Guardians and are recruiting new heroes. Meanwhile, Marcus Greenberg is enjoying a prison cell in Rikers. Both meet Andrea Bennet, head of the Office of Metahuman Response, who pits Marcus and Russell against each other in a super-powered arms race that results in Tiburon and Athena escalating World War III.

Readers who have been anticipating the return of this deconstructive superhero story will get to see the next chapter in Marcus and Russell’s story. New readers will be introduced to a superhero story that’s not afraid to poke fun at itself and its genre. Most importantly, whether you’re a new reader or a returning fan, you’ll have a fun time with this sequel!


Jason Sterr, creator/writer of THE CONSULTANT, said this about his protagonist, Marcus Greenberg: “Marcus has become my way of venting at, and with, the world of comics that I love so much.  He’s my way of both not-so-secretly indulging in my favorite pastime but also allowing me to eye-roll at it as well.”

Pre-order the book on comiXology now! THE CONSULTANT VOL. 2 #1 will be out on May 1st; THE CONSULTANT VOL. 2 #2 will be out June 5; THE CONSULTANT VOL. 2 #3 will be out July 3; and THE CONSULTANT VOL. 2 #4 will be out August 7. The collected volume, THE CONSULTANT VOL. 2: QUID PRO QUO, will be out on September 4, 2019.

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