The Complete Spider-Squirrel Volume One Ultimate Edition

Okay, it’s a cropped page, but it’s still cool-looking!
Another cropping, but this is a fun scene in the book — no sense in spoiling it for the new readers!
Two Page Spread FIGHT!!!
Let’s. Get. NAKED! (Okay, not really. This book is Rated T+. It’s not dirty. Until you touch it, that is…)

Spider-Squirrel Volume One is now complete and you can get the ENTIRE story right here in a singular, collected print edition (and/or digital)!
We reprinted all three issues of Volume One here, yes, but there are a series of improvements! It’s over 130 pages of AWESOME!

New editorial captions!
Improved reading!
Color fixes and edits!
New covers for this collection!
A COMPLETE cover gallery without trade dress!
A NEW, TEN PAGE epilogue by original series artist D.C. Stuelpner!
…and more as we unlock the Stretch Goals!
Volume One opens with an immediate intro to our two heroes–no origin stories, no “get to know you” section, just jumping into the action–Spider-Squirrel and Trash Panda leap right into action to…find…a…new…girlfiriend for Spider-Squirrel??

Wait, wait wait. What am I writing copy for again?


Well, yes, that’s how things start, apparently, but then something happens that’s pretty comicbooky-awesome: chrono-dimensional breaches begin to pop-up all over. Characters from all over the indieverse, past and present and future, begin to appear on the scene. One of these characters, a very stereotypical 1990s-era villain, sends our heroic duo into action! It’s crimefighting time!

Unfortunately for Spider-Squirrel, that also means an untimely interaction with a breach. That leaves Trash Panda alone to clean up.

TP finds True Love™, Spider-Squirrel finds his way back home, a big ensemble battle ensues… you’ll just have to read it to find out the rest.

It’s a fun mess.
$10 digital
$20 print

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