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MILWAUKIE, Ore., (December 20, 2023)— Everyone’s favorite c-list supervillains return in April 2024 in Minor Threats: The Fastest Way Down! The hit superhero saga from Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum, and Scott Hepburn picks up right where it left off with the same creative team: written by Oswalt and Blum, illustrated by Hepburn, colored by Ian Herring, and lettered by Eisner-nominated letterer Nate Piekos. Joining the squad on issue #1 are variant cover artists: Michael Allred, Joëlle Jones, Hepburn (foil variant), David Mack (1:10 retail incentive variant), Martin Simmonds (1:25 retailer incentive variant), and one more variant cover artist who will be revealed at a later date.


Frankie Follis, AKA the costumed criminal Playtime, has won. Twilight City’s greatest hero, The Insomniac, and its greatest villain, The Stickman, are dead, allowing Frankie to unify the super crook underworld and assert herself as the Queenpin of Redport. But Frankie is feeling the pressure from every side. Rival gangs are challenging her authority, Scalpel, her consigliere, is pushing her to legitimize her empire, and the act of murdering The Insomniac has broken something deep inside her. Frankie is about to learn the hard way… heavy is the head that wears the supervillain crown.


“We’re thrilled to get the chance to return to Twilight City and continue Frankie’s story,” said Blum. “It’s important to us that every chapter has its own unique crime-fiction flavor. If volume one was our ‘survive the night’ thriller then volume two is our ‘Godfather part 2’ sprawling epic. It’s one thing to name yourself the Queenpin of super-crime, it’s another to defend it. Playtime will learn that with great power… comes rival Holiday-themed gangs, vengeful teen sidekicks, haunting superhero ghosts and unearthed secrets that will threaten everything she’s built.”


“The higher you climb in the world of crime, the harder people want to see you plummet,” said Oswalt. “Frankie learns this lesson in real time — but can she find a way to avoid the fall?”


Minor Threats is perfect for fans of Black Hammer, The Boys, Sin City, and other noir superhero stories.


Minor Threats ll: The Fastest Way Down #1 (of 4) arrives in comic shops on April 3, 2024. This issue and all its brilliant variant covers are now available to pre-order for $4.99 at your local comic shop.


Praise for Minor Threats and From the World of Minor Threats: The Alternates:


“It’s wonderful: it reminds me of Astro City, of Brat Pack, of In Pictopia; it conjures the superhero (and super villain) magic in a way that I thought was over and done. Lovely job.” –Neil Gaiman


“I was hooked from the first page! Minor Threats is delicious, villainous dark pop that churns up the world of the marginalized and serves up a decadent and dangerous feats, all presented in glorious bombastic visual eye-fuckery that has re-ignited my love of comics. At last, something cool in a world where nothing is cool.” –Taika Waititi


Minor Threats is exactly what one would expect from Patton Oswalt—it’s intelligent, funny, and twisted. I’m also worried about him.” –Judd Apatow


Minor Threats is a hardcore blast from the bad brain of Patton Oswalt. I love the full-on collision of his grimy, superhero underworld; with eye-poppingly gorgeous splash pages of art by Scott Hepburn. A naughty peek under the cape that you’ll devour like contraband.” –Edgar Wright


Minor Threats #1 was one of the best times I have had reading a new comic. Oswalt, Blum, and company have created a near-perfect comic book that is referential without over-saturation.”–Multiversity Comics


“In a desert of cynical, shallow Watchmen wannabes, Minor Threats is an oasis: a deconstruction of the superhero genre made from a place of love instead of being disgusted by or apologetic about its own existence. It melds the dark and melodramatic with the goofy and bizarre with beautiful precision.”–Gatecrashers


The Alternates is the rare comic spinoff that not only continues the magic of its flagship series, but manages to work as something unique and accessible. Unsurprisingly, Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum, and Tim Seeley all nail the script, hooking you into the characters and the narrative immediately. Coupled with Christopher Mitten and Tess Fowler’s ambitious and scrappy art, this issue is great, plain and simple.”–


“This B-squad has A+ potential.”–AIPT Comics



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