The Boys’ Most Controversial Storyline Available as NFT Ahead of Season 3 Adaptation

May 17 Mt. Laurel, NJ: The Boys are back in town, and Dynamite and Terra Virtua are exciting alongside fans for the just around the corner debut of the new season on Amazon’s Prime Video. To commemorate the smash hit show returning and set to adapt one of the most daring and controversial tales from the comics, the big fifth arc Herogasm is now available as an NFT graphic novel!

With writing by series creator and one of the most acclaimed writers of his era, Garth Ennis, and art by frequent collaborator John McCrea, Herogasm rocked fandom when it originally released in 2009. The companion miniseries to the core The Boys series depicts another dark side of the corrupt, immoral world of the supes. Pulling aside the curtain on the unbridled debauchery that the likes of Homelander and season three breakout Soldier-Boy get up to away from the eyes of the civilians they are meant to be saving and protecting. With some of the raciest scenes across the entire series, many expected the show to not touch this material. But the upcoming season is teased to be delving deep into this part of the saga, when it starts to release June 3. For now, fans can check out this limited edition NFT presentation of the classic story!

These limited-edition digital collectibles are available to purchase on Terra Virtua here:

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