THE BOOK CAVE: YEET #28 By Cost Of Paper Comics

YEET Comics is a fast growing company of amazing creators. Every issue is full of entertaining art and stories. The cost is only $5 for the cost of shipping and printing. I’ve been reading it since issue #17 and even have a story of mine in #23, Mister Web. The cover of my story has art by Eli Jansen, an incredible artist.

I just got YEET #28 in the mail a few minutes ago. I guess you could call it my Birthday read, as my birthday is May 28.

First of all, I like the feel of newsprint!!!

Guardians of the Blue is a great read and great art. Mac of BIOnight has written a great series that I enjoy reading and Kent Clark’s art is fantastic.

The Adventures of Jade! by Brian Cole (writer), Jo Wong (art) and Gerome Suyman Repaja (colors) has done a very interesting Jungle Girl story with several interesting twists.

The Candle Man by Gabriel Perez (art), Don Everett Smith Jr. (creator/script) and Brian Cole (letters) made a very excellent story that I would have read in Warren Magazine.

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All three great works make me want to keep reading YEET.


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