THE BOOK CAVE: War By Jeff Deischer

I just finished reading Jeff Deischer’s latest book of his Heritage series and I consider it the best one. In this story, we have a War of The Gods and you will be surprised by who some of the Gods were before they went by their even more famous identities.

Jeff’s story first starts out as a continuation of the last book and soon changes it to the present story arc, using heroes from the earlier books that weren’t in the spotlight that they are here. A former villain changes sides and “color” in his name and in doing so, becomes more interesting.

Some members of the Sentinels leave, while we see new members join. A hero meets the family he didn’t know he had and the Sentinels welcome a new life to the world.

Jeff’s ever-expanding Heritage Universe is becoming stronger and more interesting with each new book. I look forward to seeing who will be in the next to join and who they will battle.

As always, be sure and check out all of Jeff Deischer’s great novels he has written over the years. I know you will enjoy it and like me, you’ll look forward to more.

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