THE BOOK CAVE: The World Shakers

The World Shakers
Jeff Deischer

​I just finished reading the latest Basilisk by Jeff Deischer, The World Shakers. As always I was held enthralled by Jeff’s story. Every time I think I have it all figured out, I get surprised. I’m always entertained by anything that Jeff writes. With each new Basilisk story I am constantly pushed to want and finish reading the old Avenger stories. Maybe, if I read them all, I might figure out what Jeff has next for the Basilisk and Nemesis Inc., but, knowing the great mind of Jeff Deischer, I doubt it.

​I enjoyed reading The World Shakers, from start to finish. As always, I look forward to reading his next book and from what he has mentioned, I know it will be great. Be sure and check out ALL of Jeff Deischer’s book he has available on his Amazon page.

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