THE BOOK CAVE: The Time Masters Jon Kirk of Ares Book 5 By Gary Lovisi

I just finished reading the 5th book in the series. Every time I think Gary Lovisi can’t outdo the last book of his I’ve read, he does. Aliens, time travel, mind melds, and so much more.

I’ve read many books and seen several T.V. shows and movies with time travel. Where others have made it sometimes a simple journey, Gary Lovisi gives you a journey that lasts briefly but is felt throughout the book. Even though it is talked about extensively throughout the book, it isn’t taken lightly.

Even though I’ve read all books in the series, I plan to read them all again later without any breaks between books. Even though I will know the outcome, I can enjoy even more the journey it takes.

I’m afraid to say too much about the story for fear of giving too much away. Even though you can read this book first, your best bet is too read all five books from start to finish. After you finish reading, ask him for more.

All 5 books in the series, are available from the publisher Wildside Press at; also at the author’s website; eBay, Amazon, and ABE Books.

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