THE BOOK CAVE: The Shadowed Circle #4

The Shadowed Circle #4
Edited by:
Steve Donoso

​This is the 4th issue I’ve bought, own and read cover to cover. I’ve enjoyed all 4 issues and the cover of all 4 have been fantastic. Cover #4 is by Kevin Duncan, a freelance illustrator and cartoonist since the 1980s. Back cover is by Joe DeVito, cover artist for the Doc Savage novels written by Will Murray.
​The issue begins with information about all the many incredible contributors. Next is the editorial from Steve Donoso. As always a well done editorial, with a lot of information.
​Next is Shadow—and Substance Part 1- Dick Meyers considers how The Shadow could have financed his organization. A very well-packed six page article, that will be continued in the next issue. I was very impressed by what he was able to give in information, in such a short article. I’m looking forward to reading Part 2.
​Will Murray gives us a four page article of Shadowy Secrets reflecting on mysteries of The Shadow that Walter Gibson knew. I found it very informative and interesting.
​B. Jonas – Random Name or Magical Inspiration? I was surprised by all the information as Tim King delves into research on the origin of a famous Shadowy name.
​The Shadow – Strange Creature in Black – The Comic Book Years Part 1: The 1940s – Todd D. Severin examines The Shadow’s history in Street & Smith comic books. I’ve never read any of The Shadow’s comics from the 1940s and found the information very fascinating and hope some day to be able to either read an original or reprints.
​The Shadow and Doc – The Comic Book Meetings – Part 1 – Daryl Morissey profiles the encounters of The Shadow and Doc Savage in comic book pages. I’ve never read the crossovers in the 1940s, but I own and read all the DC issues of both characters and their team-ups. Right now, I own all the 1960s Archies and Gold Key to 1980s and 1990s of DC and Marvel issues of both. I’m still working on the later issues of later companies.
​The Shadow Laffs – by John Sies was a very interesting twist of who some think The Shadow is.
​The Boy Who Loved The Shadow: Part 2 by Darby Kern concludes his interview with Michael Uslan. It was a very well-done interview by a great writer, that I’ve enjoyed reading his comics. I have to say, I loved reading his Detective #27, a very Pulp style comic. There was a few proof errors, but I was able overlook them.
​The Final Shadow Radio Broadcast – John Olsen recounts The Shadow’s final bow on the radio series. I’ve listen to several OTR (Old Time Radio) of The Shadow, but I didn’t know that the last one was missing. I’m curious if the show could be recorded now by present day fans? Something to think on…
​As I mentioned earlier, I am a fan of the series and will continue to read more. Check out Amazon for future and back issues. There is also a subscription also available on The Shadowed Circle Facebook group.

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