THE BOOK CAVE: The Masked Rider

The Masked Rider
Neal Privett, Don Everett Smith Jr.
Terry Alexander

I just finished reading an excellent anthology of three short stories of The Masked Rider. Cover by Mike Fyles. First story is Six Gun Serenade by Neal Privett. This story showed how much The Masked Rider valued his friend, Blue Hawk and the lengths he would go to to save his friend.
The Reverend Of Burning Raptor by Don Everett Smith Jr. shows what he is willing to do to help someone with his new life and how they helped others to have a better life.
Roscoe Perkins’ Mule by Terry Alexander shows how The Masked Rider brings justice to a family that was only doing what was right for a murdered neighbor.
For those who do not know who The Masked Rider is, he is western hero from the old west that is very similar to the Lone Ranger. I discovered The Masked Rider several years ago. I’m surprised I didn’t know about him before, being such a Lone Ranger fan. Even though they are very similar, both being masked men bringing justice to the Old West, there are several differences to both of them.
Go to Amazon and discover both the old stories and new. It will be very much worth your time.

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