THE BOOK CAVE: The Gospel of Jesus Christ – A Visual Presentation

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

A Visual Presentation

Reviewed by Ric & Deborah Croxton

I was asked by Rik Offenberger to review this amazing comic book. I immediately asked my wife if she would also write a review of it. She agreed without hesitation and started reading.

This is an amazing comic book that in a few pages gives you what you need to know about being saved and why. The art and writing are very well done, and the message is clearly stated without being forced on you.

While not everyone may not appreciate it, there will be many that will find it very helpful and share it with others.

The Bible quotations are easily read and understood and fit in for what you need to know. The Bible passages, I’ve read and heard many times over the years in Church and are well represented here. This comic book should be shared and read in every Church and home. It will help many that are lost and do not know what to do.

Now for my wife’s thoughts:

“I just finished reading ‘The Gospel of Jesus Christ, A Visual Presentation’, by Scott McDaniel. It was not what I expected as a comic. The art and wording were very compelling. I am a Christian and I was pulled in to what seemed to me a living documentary of Jesus Christ. It grabbed me in such a way that I could feel the writer’s passion for sinners and wanting them to understand what lies before them If they turn away from God.  The writer’s love for God is undisputable. I would totally recommend this to everyone.”

Thank you, Deborah Croxton for your help in this review. Our hope is that everyone is able to receive the good news from this comic book.

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