THE BOOK CAVE: The Dark Wolf Collection By R.A. Jones & Butch Burcham


This 4-issue collection plus a short story was originally written in 1987in Malibu Comics. It was collected in 1988 by Eternity Comics. Included is an introduction by Archie Goodwin. This was written during, as Archie Goodwin and many others have called ‘The Black & White Comics Gut.’

This was written over 30 years ago and still is worth picking up and reading. I was fortunate enough to find the book in a bargain box at a local comic book convention last year. I’ve seen the series several times in back issue boxes, but for whatever reason, I never picked it up until I saw the trade paperback collection.

R.A. Jones and Butch Burcham have created a unique comic book in the world of superheroes. Yes, Dark Wolf wears a mask and costume and fights evil, but there is no way I would call him a superhero.

Without giving anything away, Dark Wolf has an origin that most comic book characters would dream of having and a secret identity of…that’s a secret you will discover once you dive into the series.

Unlike several of the 1980s Black & White Comics Books, the writing and art in the series are high quality and a pleasure. Both creators have several comic books they have worked on and proved several times that they can produce great work. I will be looking for more issues of Dark Wolf and any books either creator has worked on. Be sure and pick up this trade paperback when you can find it available and any and all books by either creator.

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