THE BOOK CAVE: The Bronze Knuckle #1

I finished reading the new publication of The Bronze Knuckle #1 and loved it. I read it cover to cover and enjoyed every page. Both the writing and art was captivating. I’ve been a Pulp fan for years and am glad to see it alive and well here. Several genres were covered very well from fantasy to urban heroes and more.

​The issue was lovingly put together by its publisher, Scott Mollon and I enjoyed being one of the first people to read the issue. Not only is this the first issue, but it was the first for some of the creators in the issue. I was left wishing I didn’t have to wait until the next issue came out. I will be subscribing to future issues, I can’t wait to see what is next.

​Issues are available for $7 at the Fans of The Bronze Knuckles Facebook group or if you subscribe to the Patreon you can get a discount.

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